Listen to your iPod in class

If you are a parent, don’t hate me because I am posting this. I’m not SUGGESTING that your kids do it, but they can if they want because I don’t have the authority. (Hopefully parents don’t read this in the 1st place)

Here is the best method-
Put your iPod up and through your sleeve, with the earbuds by your hand, and lean on your hand. Don’t put it through your ears because you will get caught that way.

2nd best method-If you have a 3 ring binder or trapper keeper, this works. If all you have is a desk with notebooks, it won’t work. If you put it in a book, they will see it. So ONLY if you have a 3 ring binder. But anyway, what you do is put your iPod inside the trapper keeper, headphones and all. Then, turn it on to any song and slip one of the earphones out. But it is important to lay your head down on the trapper keeper when doing it, “act” like you are tired. And if a teacher comes by, hide the earphone with your arm. It works best if you are wearing a sweatshirt.

The 3rd way, it’s maybe not the greatest way but you will NEVER get caught. If you don’t have a hooded sweatshirt, this doesn’t work. What you have to do is cut a hole, to make like a mini pocket, with the back closed, and only a hole inside by the back of your neck in your hood. Then, put your iPod in there, but make sure you have a REALLY long playlist. Wear your hood over your head and listen away, but if you walk away from someone, with your back turned to them, they might see it.

Yeah, those are the best ways I know.


Hello world!

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